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35 Leominster Road
Lunenburg, MA

(781) 431-1500

Artisan Lumber Inc. advocates for a rediscovery and celebration of domestic hardwoods, especially those harvested in an environmentally responsible way. We offer premium air-dried lumber and sawn veneer from flitch cut logs. Most of our material is derived from logs source within fifty miles of out facility.

Flitches and Slabs

Nothing replaces the look and feel of a solid slab of wood; likewise there is no substitute for the level of continuity that can be achieved by the use of a single log in a sizable application: a kitchen with sequentially ordered sawn veneer panels and drawer faces, solid wood styles and rails as well as accompanying trim, and a number of additional details – all from one log.

Why one log?

One log means a continuity in grain pattern and color that cannot be beat. It means the wood responds consistently to any number of finishing techniques applied. A black walnut library can be a beautiful thing; an entire library built from a single log can be spectacular.

Flitch cut log

Quarter-sawn Veneer

Annual growth rings appear perpendicular to the face resulting in straight grain lines and revealing any ray fleck in the wood. Sequential order means book-matching possibilities.

Flat-sawn solid Veneer

A heavy cathedral grain pattern is exposed with this cutting method.

A flitch cut log

A flitch cut log

Rift to flat-sawn Veneer

On flat-sawn wood annual growth rings run parallel to the face resulting in a cathedral like grain pattern in the center; on rift-sawn the growth rings are at a 45 degree angle to the face resulting in straight grain.

Styles and Rails

This is rift-sawn material and is idea for style and rail material as well as for table legs and aprons. Growth rings are at a 45 degree angle to the face resulting in straight grain lines on all four sides.

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